My external HDD doesnt not show up on my computer screen

By kmoo81
Jan 17, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I have a western digital 1TB external hard drive. Yesterday I was able to use it but today both my computer or laptop will not recognise the drive when I connect to the computer. It makes the 'found new software' sound when i connect but the drive does not show up in the my computer screen.

    When I try to update the drivers it says everything is working normally. I am hoping that it hasn't wiped anything on there as I haven't deleted a file or done anything drastic - does anyone know of this happening?

    I have searched for advice on the net and it seems like it needs re-formatting but there is a lot of data on the drive that I need and I do not want to delete it.

    Is it possible to get the system to recognise the drive again without losing the files on there?

    I really need help on this one as I have so many improtant files on there for me and my family....i feel like crying....and I am a Not a computer wiz but can fix if here are step by step troubleshooting solutions.

    If anyone has a detailed step by step guide that won't delete anything will be so much appreciated.

  2. Shaaz

    Shaaz TS Rookie

    Hi, I had the same experience with Western, but mine is toast. I did write in this forum but no one answered - I am BY NO MEANS WHATSOEVER an expert. I CAN tell you what you can try and one thing I learned - Okay, so first, ya gotta rule out the obvious - have you tried a flash drive? does it work in the USB port? in addition, you want to make sure the cable is okay (it prolly is if you can hear that ding) you can't see it in "my computer" but can you see it in device manager?? I go to control panel, system, hardware, device manager - can you see it? it should be in 2 places, one usb and in disk drives. In disk drives - click on your device then properties then volume - if you don't see anything - click populate - you should see status online - if you do HURRAY I think you're okay - if you don't - I'm sorry. : (. .apparantly I've learned, the hard drive is not indestructible, one should ALWAYS ALWAYS "safely remove hardware" and Never let it drop - and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have backup on a CD - Let me know if you see it in Volume - oh in addition, you can try going to my computer right click - choose manage - then on the right choose disk managment - if you see your Western there HURRAY I think you'll be fine. Write back and let me know - I'll look up the info on what to do from there - I have it in an email somewhere.
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  3. Surfrider

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    I had the same problem and followed your steps... looks like my data is still there. What are the next steps.

    Thanks fro the help!
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