My first build and lots of issues

By mikegbelban
May 2, 2010
  1. Ok heres what i just bought$169.00 MSI 790fx-gd70,MSI R4550 mdigh ati radeon $60.00graphics card 2x2gb ddr3 ram patriot $130.00 amd2core $70.00 powersuplybarebone 500watt $50.00 32hd32 in rca flatscreen high def +dvd
    I read and did evry thing in manal.and right from the start with the hdmi cable1st time power on spashscreen then blank so i unhooked that cable and hooked the old style kind up it worked set up bois to boot to dvd in stalled OS that went smooth then mb drivers in setup it said load all i said yes video card next this is where my 2nd issue is on the motherboard driver cd has ativideo drivers on it and it in stalled them then i put the driver that i got with videocard msi i cant remember if it changed resultion when i restarted it or right when driver was loading but something happened and it wasent right the screen wouldent fix all icons were big
    so i uninstalled evrything re stalled mb drivers minus the videocard and installed the one that came with the card rebooted evrything seems fine micrsoft updates turn on fire wall install virus cool ready too game download warrock BLUESCREEN
    complet taredown dblcheck reinstall evrything reformatted harddrives reinstalled os
    3rd issue hyper thread over run or overflow on last boot press f1 to contue or when playing a game will freze and it says your graphic cards driver has stop responding restartart your computer can any 1 help me im clueless PS yes this board is made for overclocker but it has never been off default settingand i will be upgradeing to a for core amd black 1000 powersuply 4 more gigs of ram and some ice cold cooling when my my school check comes but i cant start my classes
    intel this works help please......thanks mike
  2. Ritwik7

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    It's difficult to read your post. Kindly put in punctuations and make it a little coherent. It will make it easier for everyone else here to help you.

  3. mikegbelban

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    Wow that bad, sorry I tryed too use spellcheck with no success.Sorry but a mis diagnosis of nerv deafness in the 1970s . which is the cause of my learning disability. If you could please take out the little red pencil, so you can put in the dots and dashes,read it back to yourself real slow. and just help me if you can if you think you cant then could you lead me to the right person that can. Thank You Mike B
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