My imate jasjar not browsing

By bosunojay
Mar 10, 2009
  1. I own an Imate JasJar phone with which I am able to browse at hot spots or when connected to my notebook using Active Sync. However my attempt to use it in areas with GPRS such as Nigeria has failed. Despite configuring the device as directed by the Network I get the following error messages: "The page cannot be found. Check the name and try again" This message comes up when the device indicates that it has successfully logged unto the net.

    The second type of message I get is "Cannot connect for an unknown reason. To check your connection settings and change them if needed, tap Settings. If the problem continues, reset your mobile device according to your manufacturer's documentation and try again" I have complied with the above advice with no success. The device uses Windows Mobile 5.0.

    Is there anyone who can give me a clue on what to do. The Network providers do not seem to have a solution. I am wondering if the device's OS cannot browse on GPRS system. Bosunojay
  2. Tmagic650

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    You say that your provider/ISP is not much help, but who would be of better help? Is the OS Windows Mobile?
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