My keyboard is driving me up the wall

I had a problem with my gateway laptop before so it was not on for about 3 days. But I did not touch it other then to get it working. My keys are really messed up. The backspace is a 'g', 'l' moves down a space then says '\fk', and so much more. I have no idea what is going on and it is driving me crazy. I checked the numberlock and pressing 'Fn' then scroll lock. Nothing has been spilled on it ever and not one sticky key. Please help. I am going thought technological withdrawal.


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Laptop keyboard problem

Would be best to prove if it's a problem in windows software, or a problem in the keyboard hardware. Can you plug in a normal desktop keyboard with a USB plug?
Does that work correctly? If yes, then you will need to get the keyboard replaced, or if you can, order one and do it yourself. There are 'how to' guides with pictures on the net.