My laptop keeps turning itself off

I got my laptop about two years ago. It stopped charging around Christmas, then, an hour later, it started turning off when ever I plugged it in. I took it in to be fixed. First they replaced the power jack, it still didn't work, so they replaced the adapter. then, finally, they replaced the mother board. I only just got it back yesterday. I took it home, and it was fine. For the first hour or so, that is. It suddenly shut off. No warning or anything. I turned it back on, it booted up just fine, like nothing ever happened. 45 minutes later it did it again. It has been doing this ever since.

My comp is made for gaming, and has a beastly cooling system. I've been checking to make sure the fan is working. It happens randomly. I can be playing a game, surfing the web, or just letting it sit idle. It never happens right when I boot up. It always runs about 45 minutes to an hour before shutting off. It doesn't have any problems booting up.

Any tips would be nice.


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You must have paid a lot to have the motherboard replaced. I would be back to see them about it. If it really is a gaming laptop it will have cost a great deal of money and have high resistance to heat together with a plug in graphics card module. Generally speaking even laptops that look impressive can't stand up to intensive gaming but you mention that the problem can occur when the laptop is sitting idle. You can't afford to let them keep replacing bits in the hope of a solution but they need to do a better job of pinning down the problem.
You could try removing the the battery to see if the AC powers it? This will at least narrow it down to see if it's battery or AC.

Also have you checked to see if the fan is dusty? This can sometimes cause problems.

Hope this helps.
It works without the battery, I don't know if it will still shut off though. They seem to have fixed the initial problem it had. It charges just fine, and it doesn't short out when I plug it in. Also, I am familiar with overheating, and I am pretty sure this isn't it. plenty of air blows out the vents, and it is pretty cool, not the burning heat that would be coming from my brothers. Also, when it shuts down, it boots up immediately, rather than waiting for a bit.

I am afraid that 1. the short itself may have damaged something other than the motherboard, 2. the new motherboard is defective (said they bought it used cause it was cheaper), or 3. they damaged something or knocked something out of place when they had it apart. I don't really know enough about computers to tell for my self, and last time I had a computer apart, the screen never worked again. On the bright side I did fix the charger port.

Any way, thanks for the help
It still shuts down when unplugged, and when sitting perfectly still, so it's not the adapter or a loose connection within the laptop. The fan is working fine, so its not overheating. It wouldn't be the battery. If it were a short, it either wouldn't work, or it would be intermittent, wouldn't it?

It never did this before I took it in. I don't know whether or not a defect in the motherboard could cause this. I read somewhere about a guy with a similar problem, and for him it was that the ram wasn't in all the way.