My Laptop's 67 GB Hard Drive is full - How can this be?

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Dec 4, 2009
  1. Hello...I noticed a new icon on my desktop taskbar this morning. It seems my Compaq XP-based hard drive is full...even though it has a 67 GB capacity and I don't seem to have any really massive files. When I opened up C drive to "look" at files, there aren't any excessively large files that I can see.

    I used CCleaner to remove cache & other deletable files, but it only cleaned up things a bit. I don't even have enough room to defrag.

    Any suggestions you could offer me would really be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Technochicken

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    Open up "my computer," right click the hard drive, and click "properties." Then go to "disk cleanup." There will be a tab at the top that says "advanced options." Go there, and delete all but the most recent restore points. CCleaner does not delete these files, and they often take up tens of gigabytes of space.
  3. BluebirdBooks

    BluebirdBooks TS Rookie Topic Starter

    TC: I did what you said, but when I clicked on "disk cleanup" it started calculating how much room there could be saved...then opened a new window. Nothing there that says "Advanced options" that I can see...
  4. Technochicken

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    Sorry, it's the "More Options" tab at the top.
  5. SNGX1275

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    You can also try WinDirStat to get a visual representation of what is taking up space.
  6. BluebirdBooks

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    TC & SNGX: took several hours but it finally completed the deletion of those restore points...with no appreciable difference in amt. of available disk space. BUT...I noticed the posting about WinDirStat, Voila!

    It was Podcasts! Just sitting there auto downloading themselves without my awareness. I deleted a few thousand of them and bingo...disk space!

    Thanks a million, case closed.

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