My leadtek (winfast a400 GT TDH) geforce 6800gt is doing crazy things

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Lol having the pci express version helps you out a lot there. Not so much to have to upgrade.

I hate to say it but the dual cores that have been released are all 64bit enabled. It doesn't matter though you can switch back to the 32bit version of windows no matter which cpu you have, the intel core duo or the amd 64's can run either window32bit or 64bit.

Yeah the athlon 64x2's have been out for a while now. Amd is getting ready to launch quad core cpu's in the not to distant future. Intel already has some quad core cpu's out there. Though amd has a newer socket than 939 called the am2 that you'll have to switch too. I know you can get the x2's in 939, but its unlikly that amd will release 939 versions of the quad core chips
haha shows how much I know. I researched this stuff when i was building my system and right before dual cores came out. before and since that time i have not really put any effort into learning about anything computer related. i just like playing the games.

but again, thanks for your help and information.
Hi! I just wanted to say I managed to change my faulty 6800gt with a 7800gs.. I dealed with leadtek europe, and I can't say they haven't been efficient.. at the first RMA they sent me another crappy 6800gt.. at the second RMA I requested the 7800gs.. and when they had it in stock in just 1 day it arrived! quite quick for a shipment from the netherlands to italy.. in my case I can say I had great support..


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You make sure you connected molex ?

Did you try another card on this mobo ?

Could be a bad card,, or bad hd-15 connection,

either or,
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