My legally downloaded game is acting weird

By ninjadude1993
Dec 20, 2012
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  1. So I downloaded Street Fighter X Megaman from the official site that Capcom set up to download it from. anyways when I play the game it seems to boot just fine but whenever I choose a level itll be fine from time to time but at certain times Megaman will Charge his beam or move when I dont want him to and when I click the Fire Button or move button sometimes he wont even respond to it and just stand there or do whatever he is doing at that specific point in time. and just today on the level select screen it is freaking out and instead of just highlighting one character and being able to move it just rapidly scrolls through all the characters in the column that it is in making it harder to choose a character. I do a virus scan after I have these problems and it never detects anything (I have the Free version of AVG also from the official website in case you were wondering) so what is going on? my computer is a Toshiba Laptop that is currently running Windows 7 and the C Drive is built to hold 223 Gigs of which I have 27.5 Free I'm not sure how to check the RAM or Video card without taking apart the computer which I dont have the ability to do but I am assuming that its just the standard stock ones that come in the type of computer I have mentioned. so what is going on with my game? please help
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    Do you have an analog joystick or controller hooked up to this PC while you're playing? It's possible that it may not be centered properly or may not have a large enough dead zone assigned and so the game is picking up signals to move occasionally.
  3. ninjadude1993

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    No I dont. its just the pc and its laptop mousepad that I use. I do not own any controllers to hook up to the computer

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