My monitor turned off when playing games

By gregay2006
Jul 19, 2010
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  1. My videocard is Radeon 9200 Pro 128 mb
    Ram 526mb..
    When i start playing games..Example.. Plant vz, Zombie .. My monitor turned off suddenly and if i will use the alt+tab key.. it will go back to desktop and it will on.. can someone help me?? Is this because of the video card?? or anything??
  2. JohnD212

    JohnD212 TS Rookie

    Could be several things...could be a faulty cable, could be a bad could be the video card. I have found that when weird graphical things start to happen and you have random shut downs or black's usually a heat problem in your system that's causing the video card to shut down. Make sure you have enough power going to your video card. When you really start playing a game if your PSU is starting to fail it might not be giving enough juice to the card and thus it shuts down. There are just so many things that could be the problem with your description.
  3. bobstereo

    bobstereo TS Rookie

    if you go into control panel/system properties click the advanced tab down to startup and recovery/settings you can disable it restarting the pc but this sounds like its a software issue with you video card possibly screen resolution have you tryed different resolutions?
    i had the same problem with a nvidia fx5200 card and when i used a updated driver it corrected it maybe that will work.

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