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Mar 23, 2008
  1. Hi, i recently upgraded my pc, i brought a am2 x2 5000+ black edition, a 2 gig kit of xms2, a x1950 pro 512mb, and i got a mini atx biostart board for about 40-50 pound (cheap) anyway i know this isnt supposed to be a super computer but it should be stable and not slow when dealing with large files.

    So i got it setup, and installed xp pro, and everything seemed fine, now some of you may not agree with this, but i download alot of games and movies from the internet, which usually come split into so many files, the ones i get usually are about 30+ 100mb rar archives, and i have noticed that everytime a download like 30 100mb rar files, 3-10 end up being corrupted, also when i try to move large files from one folder to my desktop for example i get alot of glicthes, freezing for a few seconds, and just generaly being slow, the only thing i can think is maybe the memory is too fast for the board.

    I was hoping one of you fine tech guys could give me some advice.

    Thank you, tech9374.

    If you need anymore information just ask.

    EDIT: also i have a 80gb hdd which is quite old and makes noises, well its not really old, its western digital caviar se (wd800jd).

    PS: sorry for the rambling
  2. captaincranky

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    Downloading games and movies is always a risky undertaking. Free spyware with every other purchase....!

    You could try running "ckdsk" on the HDD.
    You could investigate (in BIOS) as to whether the memory is being supplied it's correct voltage.
    The memory's frequency must be equal to, or less than, both the CPU and Mobo's FSB speed.
  3. tech9374

    tech9374 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes i understand this, but i have been downlaoding for a long time, and know which files are good before i download them, but saying that i forgot to install my anti virus once i had installed xp, and once i had installed it (f-secure) i had viruses and malware.

    F-secure dont seem to be able to disinfect or delete them, any know a anti virus that can handle more than f-secure?

    People please keep answering, i willt try what you reccommened captain and report my findings.
  4. tech9374

    tech9374 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok well im not sure what you mean by ddr volateg should be same or lower than fsb, as far as i know fsb is measured in mhz, but i check my bios and grabbed this info

    DDR Voltage: 1.90v
    CPU Vcore: 1.29v
    Chipset Volt: 1.20v
    HT Voltage: 1.15v

    i dont know if this is any help, thanks
  5. captaincranky

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    Oops, we have gotten 2 critical specs confused. The RAM voltage and the RAM frequency are 2 entirely different things. You need to find the required operating VOLTAGE of the memory(specs at Newegg or Mfgs. website) and find out if it matches the 1.9 VOLTS that the motherboard.(BIOS) is supplying. The RAM FREQUENCY is the this spec; DDR2 PC6400 Here >>>800Mhz<<<< and that number (800Mhz) must be equal to or less than the Motherboard's FSB (front side bus) Frequency.

    You might also try running "memtest86 " It's available for download here; or this; These are ISO files which you burn as an image file. (I know you know how to do this).

    If you suspect that a virus or piece(s) of malware is affecting the machine you should go here; and begin a thread pertaining to removal of said crapware. The people in that forum are more knowledgeable than myself in such matters and would be better able to assist you.
  6. tech9374

    tech9374 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok i check and find out the memory is supposed to be supplied 1.9v, so thats good, the memory i have is 800mhz, and i just found out my board supports 800mhz, i havent tried the disk check yet, so ill give it a try, thanks for your help.
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