My pc froze and now it doesnt start properly

I was playing a game of csgo, out of rage I rammed my desk. All of a sudden my screen froze, I tried moving my mouse but everything stopped working. When I turned my pc off and tried to start it again my fans started spinning for a few seconds before the pc shut ifself down again. I have already tried to fix the problem but nothing worked so far. I tried resetting the CMOS but when I started my pc again after 2 hours the fans keps spinning but I got a black screen, and when I removed my gpu it did the same as before I resetted the CMOS. I checked and replugged all important cables, and I tried to start my pc without any usb cable plugged in. Im out of ideas

Cpu: i7-9700k
Gpu: 1060 6 gb
Ram: Corsair 16gb ram 3000mhz
Motherboard: msi mag z390 tomahawk
Power suply: Corsair CX550M
Case: fractal design meshify c white
Storage: 2tb hdd and 500gb ssd