My PC is dead, please help

By dpham
Sep 3, 2009
  1. Hi Everyone

    I am not sure where to post my problem, and forgive me if I post a worng area.

    I build a new PC, 6 months old with Asus P6T motherboard, 6 Ram DDR3, core i7 920 and two hard drives.

    I am using the beta trial for Windows 7, expired next year.

    My PC crash for the first time today and reboot alright. I shutdown for a few hours and turn it back ON, the PC shows NOTHING at all. The fan is running, the monitor screen did not even turn on (wakeup from sleep mode) and of course NO BIO boot up screen or even the Bip sound from motherboard.

    I swap the spare power supply ===>>> same result, still not respond.
    I swap the square graphic card ===>>> same result, still not respond.

    Can anyone help on this problem? Should I change all 3 Rams to the next pair slot? how can I test the CPU or Motherboard? Again the PC is completely NOT boot up.

  2. Satki

    Satki TS Member Posts: 24

    Have you tested the monitor (using the same connection wire) on a different PC?

    Try getting into the BIOS settings when its loading and see if anything appears then (f8/f10)
  3. dpham

    dpham TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, I forgot to mention, I test the monitor.

    How do I "get into the BIOS setting" since the monitor did not even turn on (from sleep mode)

    Is there a way to reset the BIOS from motherboad? I remember to something got to do with the jumper... but is this a good method?
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