My PC keeps crashing while playing games

By andreazzi ยท 4 replies
Jul 19, 2011
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  1. Hello guys, I get this blue screen and my pc reboots about 15 minutes after I start playing. I have attached the minidump file, PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks a lot in advance. I have a Nvidia gtx470 with the latest drivers.

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  2. null2323

    null2323 TS Rookie

    same prob bro!

    does your pc crash only when gaming or ever so often while watching movies etc.? i had the same prob for a lil while thought it was the display drivers also i researched the error code from the crash dump screen they said it was a hardware failure of some sort. anyways had a intake fan on my card ati 4890 so i switched it to outtake well the prob never happened again.
  3. Zen

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    I hate to break up the party, but just be aware, this sort of stuff, like Blue Screens and all belongs in the following location....

    This section of the TechSpot forums in reserved for new comers to introduce themselves and say hello!

    Good luck on your problem solve! :)
  4. null2323

    null2323 TS Rookie

    THANKS for the heads up
  5. andreazzi

    andreazzi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, sorry for that Zen. Thanks for the reply, null2323. It happens only while playing games, but I will try that fan config.

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