My PC shows solid purple, black, blue after login into windows

By neereze
Jun 13, 2015
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  1. Hello guys, I,m a newbie here and I really need your help and expertise on this matter as it is the first time I encountered this problem and I could not find any single solution since last evening.

    1. The description of the main problem
    - the problem started during last evening when I played online gaming and my screen suddenly change into solid purple, then change into black, then blue, red and its cycle.
    - I then restarted my PC and after logon into windows, the problem still occurs again and again.
    - I uploaded a video in youtube below showing the exact problem that occurs to me

    2. What have I done ( but the problem still persist)
    - restarted several times
    - removed and reinserted the power supply, and also the GPU
    - Enter the safe mode with networking, run antivirus both avast and trend micro, check disk and none can really help the problem
    - try to run the windows in low-resolution video mode but no luck
    - updated the GPU driver into the latest one
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  2. Broni

    Broni Malware Annihilator Posts: 54,258   +383

    It looks like some hardware issue to me so I'm moving this to appropriate forum.
  3. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    How old is your video card? What is its make and model? If you can link us to it. Is there any dust build up in the case and particularly your video card fan?

    It could very well be that your video card is dying.

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