My PC will not boot up or power up...

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Oct 25, 2010
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  1. Hi can any body help my PC will not power up I have replaced the PSU and still the same the fan on my graphics card and Processor flick once but dont run if i unplug the 4 pin ATX 12V Power then the PC runs but does nothing.... so i know the switch works the PSU is ok could it be a bad mother board... if anybody can put some ight on this i would be greatful..

  2. Macboatmaster

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    The four pin is power for the CPU V core.
    The only way to test this without specialised equipment is to disconnect evrything, hard drive, graphics, DVD, floppy etc, leaving just the motherboard and fans etc. If the motherboard has a speaker connected (not to the audio header) but to the PC speaker, then you should receive the beep codes.
    Unless you knew the PSU was faulty, it could well have been the CPU, perhaps the thermal compund or the motherboard in the first place.
    What is the make and model of the board.
    Google this and you will from the manufacturers site most likely find the testing installation procedure.
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    Hi balders63

    sounds like there may be a fault with the actual mobo itself. Do you know what spec your mobo is?

    I would recomment stripping down your mobo from its case unlug any drives etc so you ahve the following:

    PSU plugged in
    CPU and Heatsink
    RAM stick

    If you look at the front panel of your mobo (this is where the switches were plugged in) you should see two pins which are label PWR or POWER. this is the where the on swtich is for. Makes sure you ahev the 4 PIN for your PSU plugged in aswell and using a small flathead scredriver conenct these two PWR pins and see if your mobo starts up. If it doesnt trying removing the RAM module as sometimes when there is a RAM error the mobo wont start.

    If this fails i recommend doing what MacBoarmaster said and checking the CPU connection with the thermal fluids and the CPU fan. If all SEEMS ok it may also be a mobo fault.

    Best way to test this is to try and get hold of a CPU that you KNOW works and is compatible with your mobo. if all boots up ok then you know it was your CPU otherwise it might be time for a new mobo.

    Hope this all helps
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    More or less as I said in my post 2., with the suggestion that he go to the manufacturers site of the Motherboard.
    If you are going to strip the motherboard from its case, make sure you lay it on a non conducitve, non static surface. Many times the PWR lead will reach to the motherboard header from the case.
    If you are going to short the header pins, MAKE sure it is the right two. Otherwise you may most certainly need a new motherboard.
  6. balders63

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    PC will not power Up

    Thanx for your help i have traced the fault to the mobo its self, and have installed a new Mobo a ASUS P5G41-M, which has fixed the issues and the machine is now working fine..... Balders

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