My S-video comes on my TV when I reboot but turns off when it gets to desktop

By acefsj
Aug 13, 2009
  1. I recently built a comp but when i try and get the s-video going it works for the boot up buyt goes black at the desktop screen any thoughts
  2. SNGX1275

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    Resolution is too high, even though SD TVs can't really do 800x600 that does seem to work over s-vid. That is also what the splash screen for XP is (at least I think, otherwise its 640x480). When it kicks to the desktop or login screen the resolution is now too high to go to the tv over s-vid, you'll have to drop it back down at least on that output depending on your card and drivers.

    Check out the advanced properties where you change your screen resolution.

    /edit: even if you are going to an hdtv, you are still going over s-vid, which isn't going to like anything higher than 800x600
  3. acefsj

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    I got it figured thanks for the post
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