Overclocking My Toshiba Satellite l500 cooling fan has stopped working

i have a toshiba satellite and on the back it says the model name is satellite l500-1dt.
i am new to this website and using forums, the message that comes up on my computer is

system warning
Warning:a problem with the cooling system has been detected. please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

i am currently working in the alps and do not have an english speaking computer shop near by.
could any one help me and advise me what to do, i do not know much about taking a laptop apart to clean or change parts.


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I would purchase a can of compressed air or use an air compressor (with a light gentle nozzle) and blow the dust out of the inside. If you have a failed cooling fan, then it will need to be repaired or replaced. That model I think is rather old, it may not be worth it to repair.
Tedster, the L500 isn't all that old. I just bought mine brand new 2 years ago. I had the same problem as danbatten is having, and it cost me all of $30 (delivered) for a new fan off of ebay. I never took a laptop apart in my life, but I found an easy "walk-through" on the net that showed exactly what to do, and in about 30 minutes my new fan was installed and I was up and running. suggesting someone toss an L500 away and get a new laptop, just because of a $30 fan, is...well....very bad advice.


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I also have the problem. I reloaded the default Toshiba setup so the computer looked just like when I bought it. But the error message still occured. So I renamed the error message as you stated. The message doesn't pop up anymore, but I'm still having problems.

After being on my computer for a while, the fan tries to start and it sputters. It'll go for a second, then stop, then go, then stop, over and over several times. Finally the fan starts to work consistantly, but by then my computer speed has decreased by at least half. If I restart my computer after the fan has gotten going, then it restarts and I never have any problems unless the fan turns off again, then I have to go through the same process.

I've taken the cover of my fan to see if any wires or anything were stuck in it, but the fan moves fine. I'm not sure what else to do. Nothing is visably wrong, so I think a setting or something is making my fan think it's broken. The only problem seems to be in starting the fan. Any help would be appreciated very much.