Myst is getting another shot at a movie and TV deal

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Graphic adventure puzzle game Myst is getting another lease on life – hopefully one that’ll bear fruit this time.

Village Roadshow Entertainment Group (VREG) recently announced it has acquired the film and TV rights to the Myst franchise. The company said it will use the game’s existing mythology to develop a “multi-platform universe including film, scripted and unscripted television content.”

I could personally see how a movie based on Myst might work. A scripted television show would be a bit more difficult to pull off but an unscripted (reality) TV show seems ill-advised.

VREG is dedicated to developing Myst and said its entire creative team will work on the projects. Notably, they’ll be developing and producing alongside Myst co-creator Rand Miller and his younger brother Ryan.

This isn't the first time Myst has been slated for additional development. Word of a Myst TV drama surfaced in 2014 and a year later, we heard it was heading to Hulu. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of those projects.

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I could see a Myst movie working best.
But dang, it has been a while since I've heard anything Myst related (and much longer since I've read the books based on the game)...