NBA 2k9 '0xC000007F' error

By BaWtreXaS
Jan 18, 2009
  1. Hi ,

    I'm new here , but I really hope you will help me to find a solution to end this problem.. Well I would like to play NBA 2k9 on my pc , but sometimes (Not always) this happens.. I play NBA 2k9 then BOOW.. suddenly my pc restarts and I recently have found a description of this error in "Computer Management" , so check this out:
    The System Restore filter encountered the unexpected error '0xC000007F' while processing the file 'nba2k9.exe' on the volume 'HarddiskVolume2'. It has stopped monitoring the volume.
    For more information, see Help and Support Center...
    If somebody has an idea about what is happening here , I would appreciate it :)
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