Displays NEC MultiSync 75F monitor settings scramble up each turn-on

Hello Techies!

Lately I found an old 75f monitor near the garbage and, as the good scavenger that I am, immediately took it under my possession. The problem with it is that every time the monitor turns off and on, be it with the OS's auto turn off monitor option or when I turn the computer on, the settings on it get scrambled up and I have to set the color settings and the screen deformations all over again.

You guys have any idea what might be causing this problem?

Thanks in advance



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This was a cheap poorly built monitor to begin with... Since you like to salvage electronics, you must be good at soldering. Open up the case and resolder all the connections on the board containing the CRT socket. The signal cable should connect to this CRT board too
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Hi Tmagic, thanks for your reply.

Indeed it is a bad monitor as you say. When I took it it was pretty dirty on the outside so I did a thorough check up on the inside especially looking for some blown up condenser or loose joints and such but it was all ok.

It has been some time that I am using this as a second monitor now and the problem somehow lessened, even though it persists.

What happens is that when I turn it on the screen shows up a few mm to the left with the mid bulge slightly distorted and the colours a bit scrambled but after some time as the cathode tube heats it starts to expand. No matter how hard I try it never gets in the right proportions though.

What I really am curious of is the cause of this problem. I would like to understand which component is responsible for this actually.

Thank you for your time.