Need a SATA driver for XP

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Jan 7, 2009
  1. I need a SATA driver that can be installed in XP after the OS installation. There are lots of articles about adding it to the install disk, but I can't find an installer I can just download and run.

    I know it can be done because a friend of mine did it (but now he can't find the installer he used and neither can I).
  2. CCT

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    IF your friend was talking about Slipstreaming;

    edit: I decided to edit this to include the option for a Repair Install inclusion of Sata drivers. Basically, during a Repair Install, you still get the 'Press F6 to install 3rd party drivers' option, so that is when you do it. Of course, you need the floppy drive disk already prepped.

    While I have heard about doing this without a floppy drive, I am NOT versed in that area.
  3. Envergure

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    Good grief, can't one just install a SATA driver like a graphics card or mouse driver?
  4. CCT

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    Look - it is a driver for your hard drive. How the heck could you 'add' that after you booted up if you expected the drive to boot.

    Think about it!

  5. Envergure

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    I know it's possible to install SATA drivers while XP is running with the HDD in IDE mode because both Kevin and my programming teacher have done it. I'm totally clueless about this beyond that.

    I think all I need is a trick to install a driver while the associated device isn't connected, or to trick Windows into thinking it is connected.
  6. CCT

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    For that, you do a Repair Install and use the 'F6' option to include the Sata drivers.

    The problem is, that lets you use AHCI only (and switching from IDE mode to AHCI may be problematic) since Sata Raid ) or 1, etc, requires setting up from the get go afaik.

    I have no recent articles in reference for doing this.

    Perhaps you can, but I haven't come across it.
  7. Envergure

    Envergure TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 134

    I have no proglem switching into AHCI mode, it's in my BIOS (I can either have it in IDE or AHCI mode). How are SATA and AHCI related?
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