Need free speaker server driver download

By honeysinger2007
Oct 30, 2008
  1. help me, pc has no sound
    so i can use a sound widget n net pages and exchange voice messages with ppl on the pg

    i put a voice machine thing on my myspace and another pg

    sum1 did pc recovery & sound was lost
    singing with the pc is hepling my head injury recovery and i need sound plz ppl.......
    keep it clean, say what is on your mind, ask questions, tell me something about you, sing a song, leave a prayer request. I promise to reply as soon as i can.

    HEY IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT THIS- OCTOBER 30,2008:~ Oct 30, 2008 6:43 PM Subject: cross your fingers Body: sound trouble on pc i use now - - - - just so you know , but i think i can still clik on the sound widget and call a number to review messages..... on the phone...... i hope this is fixed soon.

    to help if u want i need free download online of speaker


    and pc is emachine model


    the owner cant give me any more info grrr
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