Need help buying Gaming Computer!

By British_Command
Jul 30, 2006
  1. Right i want to buy a decent computer which is able to play high spec game or atleast run counter strike source extremley well. Price range is £0 - £600, must come with monitor, speakers, and ofcourse tower :p

    i checked out and found this one and i need a rating out of 10 or if its good or nnot.

    Also it must have an PCI-E lot or APG whatever is better.

    The link above is the computer im going to buy unless you can find a better one than that!

    Also i dont wanna custom computer buying parts sepretley just whole computer fixed up and sent straight to your house.

    By the way i live in ENGLAND so look for england sites :p

    Thanks alot :D,
    tom wells-day
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