Need help choosing a new phone

By milespower
Aug 2, 2012
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  1. Hi there.

    So, I'm buying a phone. Details aside, I've found these two for €30 at a local retailer:
    • Vodafone 858 Smart
    • ZTE Xiang
    These are each one's specs shown in a comparison:

    and another one:

    From what I understand here, it's tough really. For a start, I really like the keyboard aspect of the Xiang, on the other hand everyone is buying phones like the Vodafone, and Android is another bonus. I'm asking for your help. I'm just that average young guy who communicates and uses the Internet a lot, and games as well, but because of school I'd like to be able to work as well. Can your recommend me the best one in your opinion?


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