Need help determining new GPU and PSU for my PC

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Jun 9, 2011
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  1. Hi guys so unfortunately my graphics card is on its last limbs and its time to upgrade. I have a general knowledge of computers, I have installed new graphics cards, ram, hard drives etc., you know the basic stuff but I don't know all that much about PSU's and I have never changed one before. currently I am running a gts 240 gpu and a 350w power supply. I have a dell studio xps but I am not sure exactly what model, my case looks exactly like the dell studio xps 7100 on dells website (I cant post a link because I am new to this site) ***edit: I just figured out I have a dell xps 8000 if that helps***

    So basically my question is what is the best GPU and power supply, that has enough power and cables for whatever GPU I get, that can fit in my case for around $300 maybe $350 max. Just so you guys have an idea of what I am trying to accomplish here I would like to be able to run battlefield 3(when it comes out) on max settings if that is possible with this price range. I have 8 gigs of ram and an I7 with a 1tb hard drive so im pretty sure with a good psu and gpu ill be good to go.

    If you guys could give me a few options at different prices like one maxing out at 300 and one maxing out at 350 and if its possible to accomplish my goals for under 300 that would be even better but i wont hold my breath on that. Also is changing a PSU difficult? this is one of the few components that I have never had to mess with so any advice here would be great.

    I know this is a long post and I appreciate anyone's time who read the whole thing and any help I receive will be much appreciated as well.

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    Hey, what resolution are you running at? I'd personally recommend the GTX560, IMO it offers the best bang for you're buck at you're price range while still leaving room for a good PSU. As for the PSU I'd say a modular PSU is almost a must. I've put them into tiny cases like that Dell and it really makes things alot easier. And no changing a PSU isn't difficult, just make a checklist and make sure you've plugged in all power connections. (CPU,HD,DVD-ROM,GPU, etc.)

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    Thank you very much for your help I plan to be running at 1920x1080, at the time of replying I haven't checked the links but I am about to check them out hopefully this set up will work. thanks again
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    question about PCIe 2.0

    ***edit*** nevermind my old card was 2.0 so Im good to go thanks guys
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    Yeah you have 2.0 don't worry about that haha. But I'm behind on my hardware knowledge kitty's choices will give you more performance than my recommendations.
  7. psycho4r5

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    ok right on I will roll with that but am I good on the 2.1 that his card has?
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    It's fine.

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