Need help diagnosing problem, fast

By thebozenator
Sep 2, 2008
  1. One of my computers died a while back. The problem started when my computer shut down at random times. Eventually it progressed to the point where the computer would turn on but nothing would display on my monitor. So i replaced the video card with a 7800 (which i know worked fine). It worked for a while but still shut down at random times and eventually it entered the same state as before i replaced it. I also changed the hard drive which seemed to be corrupt because when i plugged it into another computer it caused a whole mess of problems and when i removed it the computer was fine again. I replaced the mobo with an Asus p5n-e sli, same problem. I also tried 2 different types of DDR2 memory and, you guessed it, same problem. Now i have replaced everything but the cpu, psu, and dvd-drive. The computer does have a history of destroying psu's (i have replaced it twice, none of them budget psu's). So now my computer turns on but no display and no beeps or anything but i can hear the computer turning on and the fans spinning. So i think it might be another psu problem but i want to know what you guys think before i spend my money only to find out it did not do anything.

    sorry for the length.
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    Strangely enough, it is the power supply that fails most often.

    Summarily replacing the HDD before substituting a known good PSU seems slightly ill thought out.
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    i'm thinking you will need a power filter for the wall point or a UPS setup
    looks like you may have dodgy power that keeps frying the pc components...?
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