Need Help Setting up FIle Sharing Thru Router

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I am not real savvy to a lot of computer terminology so please take that in consideration with your help.
I have a desktop PC with Windows 2000 hardwired to my HP PSC 2350 Printer and to my almost new Linksys G Broadband WRT 54G2 Router. I have a an HP laptop and a brand new IMAC that I have working fine with the wireless internet connection thru the router. I would like to set up the laptop and the IMAC to be able to file share and printer share thru my router. I was told to run the network share wizard on the Windows 2000 desktop and it would walk me thru it. I tried, but it starts off asking for the location of my network place. I have no idea what to put there but I would appreciate any help to get this working.

By the way, the HP laptop is running Windows XP.


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Well. XP Pro would have be fine. XP Home a bit of a bump in the road but i think should still be ok. will pull some materials together for you. about the XP Home and 2000. Off hand don't know much about filesharing with imac but can look it up. get back to you within 24 hrs would gues.. maybe sooner


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Well, i',m providing a few reference links to help give you an idea about issues involved with setup

However, i'll be back to help assist in getting it configured so need to try understand every detail in all papers right away. Good to get concepets and play on machine a bit with concepts

Some of the info (e.g. the paper from Wellsley College doesn't appy (obviously) but much of it still does.

Also note, with XP, microsoft introduced two types of Sharing
====> Simple File Sharing
====> Classic File Sharing

Simple File sharing became kinda unique to XP Home so it getting to work with Win 2000 takes some tricks but can be done.

So here's the links and I (or someone else on the form will be following up)


if File Sharing is function with other Windows systems, then FS will also work with the

Open any Windows Folder and then
use the menur Tools-Map Network Drives
  • pick a drive letter near the top of the alphabet
  • click the link connect using different user name
  • enter the login name and password ON THE MAC
  • enter the \\ipaddress\MacUserId\Public
The Public Folder on the Mac will be available on your Windows and is visable on My Computer as
Public on 'ipaddress'\MacUserId'

I recommend using the Mac's IP address, as using system names requires extra steps on the windows side.
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