Need help setting up wireless printer on network

By Guru1294
Sep 14, 2010
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  1. Ok so i just bought a samsung clx 3175 fw printer and i wanna add it to my network

    I have a router and a "Main Computer" and then i have 3 laptops.
    All computers have the printer drivers installed.
    Currently i can wirelessly print everything from my laptops and the way my printer is setup currently is that it is connected to the router via ethernet cable. Therefore it is connected in infrastructure wireless mode if im not wrong. The thing is that i wanna connect the printer to the router wirelessly because of the fact that ill move my printer to another room in the future.

    To clarify, 2 laptops have windows 7 and the other laptop and computer have xp.
    Please don't ask tell me to set up using Ad Hoc because then i have to switch between networks just to print which seems stupid to me.

    So far i have tried because its just so hard to get a printer connected wirelessly.
    so please help accordingly, thanks
  2. jobeard

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    ad-hoc is NOT the approach so you are find :wave:

    WiFi printers can be difficult - - you need the manual to do the setup.

    From one of your EXISTING WiFi connections, you can get the SSID, Channel, and passphrase.

    Typically, I've seen this done entirely from the printer end and the controls it offers
  3. Guru1294

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    You see i have a booklet that came with it but im unable to follow i can read off some of the instructions and if someone was to clarify them for me because im totally lost and i came here for help.

    so it tells me to connect first using Ethernet, then wait a few minutes for the DHCP server to assign an ip to the printer. (Don't know what Dhcp is)

    Then it says print a network config report (Dont know what that is either or how to do it) if the ip has changed, then it is a success. you will see the new ip on the report

    Open a web browser and enter the printers new Ip in the window, this will open the Syncthru web service click on network setting, click wireless then select wizard. click next, this wizard will help you setup the wireless network config. Select SSID in SSID setup. Operation mode should be set for infrastructure when using access point

    CLick apply and ok then disconnect the cable and your printer will start communicating wirelessly with the network.

    So theere you go you have all the instructions and now you need to tell me so i understand them. there were a few things i needed a clarification on and how to do such as the network config report.

  4. Guru1294

    Guru1294 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    Nvm guys i got it working :D

    Although now i have another question that someone could answer, i was testing out my scanner and i did it without putting any paper or anything, is that bad ??

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