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By pe.harper
Sep 15, 2008
  1. i just added a new game to my system. 18 wheels of steel. i know that its an older verison of the 18 wheels of steel. but i was doing it to test a theory of mine. i aslo have the newest one across america. i was tring to enable cheats and it tells me to alter the config.cfg file in the program file. i was unable to find the file in across america. and i have done this to the petal to the metal before. why is it that i cant find this file. please help....
  2. It should be in the games folder somewhere, if you can't find it manually try using the search function inside Windows

    Start > Search

    You may find a few config.cfg files so make sure you are only modifying the 18 Wheels of Steel one. You may also want to make a back up of it incase something goes wrong.
  3. pe.harper

    pe.harper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks. i found it. i had to use an advanced search. and i think it was a hidden file. thanks
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