Need help with MBR in Win7

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Feb 22, 2010
  1. I had one HD with Win7 64Bit. I installed a 32Bit version on a second HD. Before installation I did not remove the first drive. Currently MBR is on the first drive and I can't use the system without that drive. I need to wipe that drive so I can use it for Ubuntu.
    Question is how do I fix or create an MBR on the new (32Bit) installation? Is it anything like in WinXP? I would try, but I don't want to screw anything up and be left with nothing. Rather be sure than sorry (again).

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    Ok so you have physical drive 0, with win7-64 on it, and physical drive 1 with win7-32, you tried taking out drive 0 and it didn't work? Ok...

    As far as I know installing Ubuntu (you are formating drive 0 first right?) will overwrite the MBR and you will be booting off drive 0 with GRUB instead of the win7 boot loader. Thats fine, GRUB is pretty easy to use and will recognize and boot into windows 7 no problem. May want to wait for someone who knows what their talking about first though.

    You also might want to consider using 64 bit too.
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    Thanks. I thought that GRUB would do the job. Just wanted to make sure.
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    both LILO and Grub will preserve the exising windows boot information and import it into the Linux boot loader as an option.

    notice: exising windows boot; Windows must be installed first for this to work.
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  6. detoam

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    Thanks guys. Sorry for such a late reply I was very ill.
    I changed my mind about Ubuntu as I realized that there is nothing comparable with many apps I use on Windows (Photoshop and dreamweaver, for example). I still want to wipe out the drive where the boot record is, though.
    I have attempted to simply disconnect that drive and attempted to use the installation DVD to create a new boot record on the drive I need using the Repair console and bootsec.exe. That failed. It does detect the installation, but will not write the new MBR.
    I will attempt to use the EasyBCD and will post if it worked.
  7. detoam

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    That didn't work.
    Is there anyway that I can copy the MBR from the first drive to the second?
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