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Need help with minidump

By oxxike ยท 4 replies
May 1, 2008
  1. i cant install any games, and sometimes downloads corrupt.
    im using windows xp sp2
    my pc is compal IFT00
    i think i have a driver that needs update , but dont know witch one
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,311   +100

    Test your HDD with one of the utilities here and test your RAM with Memtest86 for a minimum of 7 passes...
  3. oxxike

    oxxike TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i really dont know how or what to do , if any1 could tell me what could be the problem, and how to fix it , i would be grateful.

    mostly my pc crashes on installations or just toatly randomly, also my firefox crashes wery often , randomly.
    on other pc-s , my installations work 100 % so the CD-s are not corrupt.
    maybe it has something to do with RAM , but i wont tear my laptop apart, thats for sure.
    under device manager , it shows that all the drivers are installed.
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    Two of your errors were 0x24:NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
    A problem occurred within NTFS.SYS, the driver file that allows the system to read and write to NTFS file system drives.

    1. There may be a physical problem with the disk, or an Interrupt Request Packet (IRP) may be corrupted. This is why Z linked you to the many harddrive manufacture's websites. Download your free harddrive utility and run it. Your laptop company should be able to tell you the make of your harddrive.

    2. Other common causes include heavy hard drive fragmentation, heavy file I/O, problems with some types of drive-mirroring software, or some antivirus software.

    3. I suggest running ChkDsk (spelled exactly as I have it) from your Run box found in your Statr Menu.

    Two of your errors are 0x50: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

    Requested data was not in memory. An invalid system memory address was referenced. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

    Z also linked you to MemTest which will test your RAM to see if it is defective. This is free.

    Your remaining error was 0x1A and it specifically cited memory corruption. Run MemTest. This takes a long time to complete but well worth it. A minimum of 7 passes is the standard. Most people start it before going to bed and check it the next morning. Any errors and you have bad RAM that needs to be replaced.
  5. oxxike

    oxxike TS Rookie Topic Starter

    okay , ill try to check those thing you told me , but i forgot to mention , that it even crashed when i made a format to my PC and was reinstalling the windows ..
    about 3 times form 4 i got the BSOD when installing windows(original copy)
    the 4th time it somehow succeeded.

    and some other dude wrote how he bought new ram for his laptop, and tried to install windows, but he got BSOD on the installation , because the 2 new ram didn't actually fit to his PC. <- so thats why i'm guessing that 1 of my ram is corrupt.
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