Need new graphics card

The computer I have runs games like csgo and gary's mod terribly and after some poking around a few people told me that it was because I have a bad graphics card, I simply want to know what kind of graphics cards my computer can use. I dont want to buy a whole new comp, just replace its graphics card. Its a dell Inspiron 560 Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 3.00GHz. 4.00 GB of Installed RAM, 64-bit operating system. If you need to know more about my computer please ask


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The Nvidia 750 is a good low power card, but it is also PCI Express 3.0. Looking up the specs for the PCI Express slot on the motherboard, it is version 1.0. Probably a good chance that you will have some compatibility issues getting the 750 to work with the current motherboard. PCI Express 3.0 cards are not "fully" backwards compatible with PCI Express 1.0 slots. You will almost guaranteed have to update your BIOS (if you have not done so already). Sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. It all depends on the chipset you have in the motherboard. If you looking for a compatible video card, I would suggest one with PCI Express 2.0. You can save some money getting a slightly older model, but still get a lot better performance then what you currently have.
What is your budget for purchasing this video card?
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