Need new software for publishing to my website

By tepeco
Oct 25, 2008
  1. I'm on a PC, and for years, have designed and published my own website using MS FrontPage 2003. I use as my host and I have just been informed that it no longer works on the Windows servers that my hosts have updated to. The problem is that Frontpage uses extensions and they must be installed on the host system. That is no longer possible so my hosts have switched my website on a Linux system.

    Now, I cannot publish to my website at all using Front Page. I don't know if it's their problem or mine, however, since technology marches on and I've been using FP for ages, is it time to upgrade to a newer program for publishing? I don't want a flash site, I want simple html pages on my system. It would also be super important that it be able to deal with my current webpages that have been built with FP. I would hate to have to start from scratch.

    Any suggestions with a good price/value in mind?
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