Need some help looking for a PCI-E adapter

By Gourry25
Oct 28, 2010
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  1. Wasn't sure where this would follow under category so since it regards my video card I'll ask here.

    Ok here is my situation, I got my video card a very nice one that fits in the PIC-E slot on my new build. now after dealing with the front panel connectors which at first were confusing(been a very long time since i had to do that stuff). I tried to turn it on and well the fans spun for about 3-5 seconds and stopped. So i tried different ideas from friends and nothing and then realized the PCI-E cable form the PSU was not plugged into the motherboard... well that is where my problem seems to be. The motherboard has a typical 4 pin Pci-e connector.. well the cable from the power supply is a 6 pin.

    So I need to find from what i gathered from a friend an adapter for the 6 pin to convert it to a 4. Now I looked on newegg and they only oddly had one shown and the reviews were not that good, most saying the cable was not the right cable.

    So with that in mind anyone know a place to get an adapter?

    I as well as my friends who helped save for one found it odd that the cable is a 6 pin.

    For further help to anyone who reads here is teh 3 key components in this matter:

    Motherboard is a : Nforce6m-A2
    Video card is a : EVGA Nvidia Geforce Gt240 with 1gb o f ram DDR5, Pci-e 2.0
    PSU is a : Ultra 550 watt ATX

    Also all items are under warranty but from what i was told it should not matter I should be able to get a adapter to use all this.
  2. mailpup

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    That 4 pin connector on the motherboard is not a PCI-E power connector, rather, it is a 4 pin ATX 12V that helps power the CPU. PCI-E power connectors are either 6 pin or 8 pin (or 6 + 2) and are intended to be connected to a graphics card, not the motherboard.

    All modern ATX PSUs should have a 4 pin ATX 12V connector. Some have an 8 pin ATX 12V connector that, in reality, is two 4 pin connectors stuck together. Double check and see if you can find the 4 pin connector. It might even be labeled as ATX 12V. It has to be there.

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