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By morland
Mar 8, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    A friend of mine has been asked to deliver a couple of presentations to high school kids and the topic is "Importance of Information Technology". The idea is also to give the kids some food for thought regarding the advantages if they decide to pursue a career in IT.

    I can spend days and days on Google but unfortunately do not have enough time. Can someone share some relevant and good material/power point slides which I can use to help out my friend.

  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    fraternity of IT

    Get hold of a Netbook do a power point presentation log into " Techspots" open your discussion Topic (this topic) discuss the real time relevance between this user orientated log in Forum and other sites such as Mirco soft and their new advertising campaign "I am Windows". Then cross tag / reference this against what you already know about the social network of your choice again logging in with Netbook to one or all eg. Twitter / Facebook / Blog etc etc(expect a hit if you advertise your handle / user name ). Then throw out everything you just said and go to the Ubuntu site to show how everyone communicates with one sole goal to get out a message / product operating and available for "no cost". Did this just write itself or did I discuss a topic with you through the World Wide Web which is built used and maintained by the IT fraternity :)

    Edit 2 Just in case your WiFi stalls mid download I'd suggest loading it into a flash drive prior to the presentation, as the O/S will run without installing from this drive (or from an ISO CD image if the Netbook has a CD player)

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