Build a PC Need Tech Help, New Comp - HDD/MOBO prob, maybe?

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*Mod/Admin plz move if this is the wrng thread,i just dont know where to post this prob cause i dont know what it is :(,,, also, i saw a post about this, yet the solutions did not fix my problem :(

Hey guys well i need some tech help. I just built my comp and i have ran across some HDD or MOBO or connection problems. Here is what is in my box
  • HD 250G|ST 7K 16M SATA2 ST3250410AS
  • MEM 1Gx2|G.SK F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ R
  • Intel Mobo Media Series DG33TL

So..... i conected all my hardware made sure all connections and power was good then turned the comp on and inserted Windows XP disk. The screen fired up, saw my INtel logo, went into bios all good, and then the DVD drive started to spin and read my disk. The blue Xp screen cam up were is loads all the drivers and says press F6 to load 3rd party driver'/raid driver and then started to load all the other drivers, as it was ABOUT to install, the blue screen pops up with this error code "0x0000007B (OxF8968640, 0xC0000034, 0X00000000, 0x00000000)" see picture .......

Restarted my comp and same thing happened, restarted again and went into my bios and looked under my SATA detection and both my HDD and DVD driver were detected. I also tried changing the power cords and the SATA cords to different spots on the mobo and same error message.................I am lost plz help ..................thanks :)))))))))))))))

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thanks for the reply i got a fix tho

The XP CD doesn't have the SATA drivers needed to load your HDD which is why you are getting the error, you can either use a full SP3 integrated disk or load the device drivers onto a flopyy and press F6 during the installation start-up.
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