Need to make a brief exam for induction of Network Administrator

By morland
Dec 22, 2009
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  1. Hi,

    I need to make a entrance exam to filter the many applications that we have received for the post of Network Administrator. Below are some facts that you may find useful:
    1. The O/S will be Windows (most likely 2003 otherwise 2008)
    2. The Client PC's will be running Windows XP or Vista
    3. The position will also require administration of MS-Exchange server
    4. The position will require setting up the whole show (all the equipment and the LAN is already in place)
    5. The candidate will need to gave a solid understanding of Active Directory, How to make use of Group Polices, and whatever else comes to your mind
    6. We would like the person to be familiar with solutions like Wingate (or whatever is out there) to control misuse of the internet facility (simply by blocking certain sites)
    7. It will be a LAN initially (no WAN)
    8. There will be a router for internet connectivity
    9. etc..

    Can I request if the experts and gurus can share some questions (along with answers ofcourse) falling under the categories of Easy, Medium, and Difficult.

    We want to get the right candidate and your help will be really appreciated. I will be glad to provide more details if needed.


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