Netflix is partnering with 2K Games on a live-action BioShock movie

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In a nutshell: Netflix is teaming up with 2K Games subsidiary Take-Two Interactive to create a film adaptation based on the popular BioShock franchise. You'll want to curb your enthusiasm, however, as based on the lack of details at this time, the project is likely several years out at the earliest.

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us,” the Netflix Geeked Twitter account teased on Tuesday along with a pretty visual from BioShock Remastered. Netflix said Vertigo Entertainment will serve as a producer on the project, but stopped short of sharing any additional details.

The first entry in the BioShock series arrived in 2007, putting players in control of protagonist Jack after the plane he was on crashed in the Atlantic in 1960. The lone survivor, he finds his way to a nearby lighthouse that leads to a vast underground city called Rapture.

A direct sequel followed in 2010. It also took place in Rapture, some eight years after the events of the original game. The third installment, titled BioShock Infinite, borrows themes and elements from the franchise but is not immediately tied to the events of the previous games (DLC would later make the link).

Collectively, BioShock has sold more than 39 million copies worldwide and is available across most major platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

The next installment in the game series is currently in development at Cloud Chamber, a studio under the 2K banner that was formed in late 2019.

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The boss fight and ending I had in the first Bioshock was a huge letdown. I couldn't bring myself to play the second or third entry of the series....I have a copy of each, but I never opened them to play them. They just sit shrink wrapped in a box somewhere; I had a habit of buying games to be buying them back in the physical days of games.

I used to have a helluva collection of physical PC games...wish I didn't sell ones off and still had them, but pulling in a grand off old big box games when money was tight was a big help at the time.....oh well.


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Agreed! Arcane is great but while I will keep judgment on this tv production I had no idea 4th instalment is in the works so thank you for this little news!


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Probably. Arcane was great though.
Netflix's home runs typically seem to be happy accidents, and inevitably either strip-mined completely or cancelled.

You should basically presume that every studio is operating under The Producers rules anymore and not actually making things for the purpose of entertaining people.