Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150 Router Does Not Allow G-Box Midnight MX2


I own a Windows 8 PC, LG Optimus 2X, Sony Xperia U, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Xiaomi MI3. All of these are connected to my Router via WiFi and they work like a charm.

I recently purchased G-Box Midnight MX2 (All The Way From US - India). THE PROBLEM: Does Not Connect Over WiFi But Works Perfectly Over Ethernet Cable!

The device (currently connected to my TV and I am using an Ethernet Cable connected to my Router) recognizes my router name. But when I enter the password, it says connecting for 1-2 seconds and nothing happens. When the Ethernet Cable was already connected and when I tried to connect via WiFi, the device prompted a message that it cannot connect to the Router via Cable and WiFi at the same time. So, I've tried all the ways possible by removing the Ethernet Cable.

What I've Done:
  1. MAC Address Already Added To Router's Attached Devices.
  2. Disconnected/Switched Off A Hundred Times.
  3. Tried All Security Options On Router: None, WPS, Security Key Blah Blah Blah.
  4. Also Installed WiFi Fixer (using Ethernet). I don't know what's happening but I could see something Connecting...Disconnecting...Connecting.Disconnecting...
FYI: I Earlier Tried To Connect A Dell Laptop and it showed Limited/No Connectivity. The Laptop was at my place only for a day, so we managed by Ethernet and never bothered when it did not connect over WiFi. The same problem occurred when I tried to make my PC Wireless, by using a WiFi Adapter! I tried tried tried but ignored as it was not a requirement.

But Now, I'm Helpless, I Need This Device To Connect via WiFi. Please Help!