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Network Camera for viewing over the internet

By pyromaster114
Mar 31, 2009
  1. Okay, so I am interested in trying to get a network camera to be available to be viewed over the internet.

    I was looking at the Panasonic Network Cameras, as Panasonic has a service that you can sign up for that takes care of the whole Dynamic IP address problem with typical home connections.... however I've heard mixed opinions about this service.

    Also, what happens when I want to just use some regular random network camera that I buy online somewhere for viewing over the internet? Unless the camera can cooperate with a service like Panasonic's Viewnetcam.com thing, I don't see any way of doing it without having a computer run something in addition to the network camera.

    Any ideas on this stuff?
    (Also, hope I got the correct forum... don't know where else we'd put stuff about network cameras...maybe audio and video... but since this is more of a networking issue I thought this forum was more appropriate...)
  2. Dolce

    Dolce TS Rookie

    There are 2 main categories for cameras that you can view over the Internet. Some has embedded web server so you can browse the still pictures or motion video using a common web browser (some require you to install an ActiveX plugin before you can see motion video, some uses Java app). The second category requires your viewing PC to install a windows software program viewer, this is not practical if you are viewing your camera from a guest or public PC that doesn't allow new software installation. The viewer program method usually allow you to also control some cameras, with pan and tilt or digital zoom, or to record video to your remote viewing PC.

    Most of the newer cameras will have dynamic DNS support, for home users who don't have static IP address, or you can simply sign up for your own subdomain on any of the free dynamic DNS service. Then your home PC will report your current IP address to the Dynamic DNS service and you type in your subdomain name anywhere on the net to find your camera that shares the same IP address as your home PC. Your router will do the rest in routing your port traffic to your camera instead of your PC. You shouldn't need to sign up for any web account service to control your camera, espeially if you have to pay for the account. Most modern cameras has everything self contained to make it run on it's own. All you need is to know your IP address to talk to the camera.

    Here's a good list of camera choices to start
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