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Network connection problems

By laura123123123
Apr 23, 2009

    I have a HP G600 notebook lapptop and I had to send it away as harddrive was faulty, however I now cannot connect to my internet network as it is asking for a password.

    My network connection for which I am using zoom wireless router and virgin are my broadband provider was set up by a professional hence me not knowing the password.

    Is there anyway I can find this out without having to create a new network as I could not set up the wireless router before (it would work with cables plugged in but not without) and the person I got to fix it struggled a bit with it too.

    If not could someone please explain the steps I should follow


  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,869   +903

    the process for WiFi goes like this
    • first, disable the WiFi on the Laptop and cable it to the router and see that it works
    • using that connection you need to config the WiFi settings in the router
      • you need the IP address of your router so get a command prompt (run->cmd) and entery
        ipconfig /all
        it should be the gateway address and look closely like 192.168.x.y
      • put that address into the browser address and you will get a logon screen for the router (the defaults are dependent upon the vendor)
      • find the WiFi section and set these options
        1. broadcast SSID
        2. the SSID itself: don't use the common default; make it unique to you
        3. select a channel 1-11
        4. and disable encrption for now (ie change it later!)
        5. go to the Admin section of the router config
        6. set a new Admin Password
        7. save the settings which should disconnect you from the router and prompt for another login (which you can ignore)
    • once that's done, disconnect the laptop from the cabled connection and enable the laptop WiFi
    • Use your Wireless Network Wizard to create a wireless connection or maybe you can just supply the new password

    SO -- what's the brand name of your router?
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