Network says connected but can't access the internet?


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I have a dell Inspriron 530 running windows Vista home premium,2MB ram, I tried to connect wired and wireless and it shows that it is connected but I cannot access the internet can someone please help! nothing that I try helps my main computer is win.7 32 bit that's where the DSL modem and router are connected.can someone walk me threw this process of getting this Dell computer connected? When I click diagnose connection problems it says that :( "" is not set up to establish a connection on port World Wide Web service(HTTP) with this computer.then underneath that it says: verify the current proxy server configuration this is where I need the help at can someone explain this to me so that I can understand it better) I cannot run updates to this computer becuase of this it will install one or two updates and the rest will fail installation.with error code 80072efd? what does this mean I can't even update this computer. the service pack 2 was installed today but there were other updates that didn't install. No matter what I try it comes back to "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage"


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get a command prompt and enter ipconfig /all >myTCP.txt

then copy the contents of myTCP.txt and paste into your follow-up ...