Network Topologies

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Mar 21, 2008
  1. Whats the Access Method, Cabling and Network Type (Peer 2 Peer or Client/Server) for these?

    -Ethernet Bus
    -Cascading Star
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    Sounds like you're being quiz on this subject. This for college or high school. Token-Ring was replaced years ago..
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    Still i want to know. Neither.
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  5. spartan948265

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    Thanks but that only tells my what it is. I need to know what type of cable it can use, the access method, and the network type (peer 2 peer or client/server).
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    cables? usually the normal ethernet cables nowadays for most of those topologies. Some networks use fiber optic and some use coaxials.. there's also wifi tho.. look them up.. "cabling" i assume you mean how it connects to each other and the medium, so my answer: Its mostly to do with the NIC and hardware available for your network. Most likely it would be just a normal Ethernet NIC (or wifi), then a switch/hub/router/repeater/etc.

    p2p vs client/server networks depends if the network itself has a server for hosting some functions (like domains, users, file servers etc..) and workstations only having to log into the server to access those data or just pcs sharing data to each other (p2p). I think any of these topologies can have either.. can't remember..

    if you want to learn networking, study the OSI model as well as it would help you out alot in understanding alot of how networks work..
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    1. Token ring uses very special cables and connectors,
    2. is a 16mbps system (ethernet was 10mb and now moved beyond that), and the tehcnology is Current Sensing (ethernet is Voltage Sensing).
    3. Token ring is more efficient, it can use 100% of the bandwidth as it avoids collisions where as ethernet allows them.
    4. The topology is RING as the name implies; break the chain and all devices die.

    I know there are Ethernet over Token ring adapters, but not sure of the converse.
    Token Ring is almost exclusively IBM Mainframe stuff for their 3270 family of terminals.

    And no, it's not dead just as 3270's are still with us although a design from back in the

    >>>(Peer 2 Peer or Client/Server) for these?
    A network topology is independent of the Access Methods or the data model of
    the programs using the network.
    You can use N-to-N for both sides (hardware vs software), but some lend themselves
    more readily to specifics, eg: A token ring of two nodes for p2p would be silly, but it's possible.

    The Cross Over cable is clearly a two node system and P2P is trivial, although one
    can easily run Client/Server on that topology too.
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    Ok now I only need to know the following:

    Cascading Star:
    Access Method

    Access Method:

    Access Method

    An Example of an access method is:

    Its only one of those. I just can't find the answer.
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  10. spartan948265

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    Acknowledged, please close thread. I would rep u guys for your posts, but I don't think this site has that feature.
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