New Android trojan malware has infected more than 10 million Android devices


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A huge part of this problem, is the imbeciles who use these phones. There's an "app" for everything. For god's sake, Starbucks has an "app". You want news? Well, there'a an app for that too.

To paraphrase, (very loosely),, "we are the uneducated, downloading the unnecessary, for the sake of those who offer us convenience".

It's all bullsh!t. I don't even own a smartphone. I had an Android tablet, and I gave it away, after I found it wouldn't do squat, without a wireless internet connection, not even load photos.. (It was a cheap tablet, with no "apps" installed).

The fact that the "bloat ware" in the better phones is fairly clean, is the only thing that attempts to save these people from themselves.
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