New build, multiple bsod errors and other misc errors

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Apr 1, 2009
  1. I just recently rebuilt my computer with an xfx 750a sli mobo, amd 5800+ cpu, thermaltake cpu cooler/fan , wd 320 gb HD, Ultra LSP 650 PSU...the only thing I have that isn't brand new is my dvd burner and case fans. Immediately I had trouble with cmos checksum so I replaced the battery and with persistence I was able to install xp home. I immediately installed all necessary drivers that came with the mobo, and commenced with the windows updates (sp 2, sp 3, and all other high priority updates). All throughout the process I encountered a number of different errors ranging from internet explorer errors (I tried V.6, V.7, and V.8 and had similar random errors with each) to bsod of many types pointing to drivers, memory corruption, faulty hardware, internet explorer dll's, ntdll.dll, and more. I also thought I had trouble with one stick of ram in particular (tried in different slots and in combination and solo and system was consistently unstable/ would not boot or load windows properly) but memtest 86 v 3.5 found no errors on either stick??? I ran memtest on the stick that is currently installed for 13+ hrs with no errors. I had trtouble with MS silverlight dll's, IE dll's, xp dll's, NV driver files, mem. corruption, etc etc etc.....No matter what updates or rollbacks I did I kept getting errors, the particular fault just changed.

    I reloaded windows hoping that something got corrupted in the first installation but I'm still experiencing the same type of issues. I just reinstalled windows today so I only have 1 minidump but I have many error log entries. I'm currently running sp2, IE 7, no secondary programs except registry mechanic which hasn't helped anything. Latest mobo drivers from nvidia/xfx and basically every windows update except sp3.

    I don't have a cpu temp monitoring program, but I've checked it in bios a number of times after running different programs and the highest I've seen it is 50C. I need help figuring this out as it is seemingly random and varies so much. I get alot of IE errors and less bsod's (only 1 in the last 24 hrs since xp reload but I was at work all night so no strain on computer) I attached the minidump I have and a few of the diferent error log entries.

    I've never seen such a range of different errors, Is my mobo bad, or ram bad and memtest can't detect it or what? I'm desperate and would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide, thanks in advance.
  2. gbhall

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    On the face of it, either the memory or motherboard seems faulty. You have tested each stick independantly in each slot independantly with what results ? Are you certain the CD reads 100% accurately?

    XP-home will run fine with just 1Gb memory, so you have a way of determining if there is a faulty stick. I would think it is necessary to reinstall XP before testing each stick, as a faulty stick will give a faulty install. There would be no need to fully install SP3 until you have a stable system.

    On the assumtion that no fault can be found with memory, you are left with two possibilities. Either the memory is not the same or fails to work properly in multiple slots. Or, the motherboard must be the culprit.
  3. No1stunna

    No1stunna TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have only tested each stick in 1 slot, I moved them around to troubleshoot if and which was causing trouble, after identifing that one in particular caused me instability I tested with memtest. What do you mean does the cd read 100% accurately? It is a new unscratched cd that seems perfect in that sense. I attached another minidump that occured immediately after a restart.
  4. Bobbye

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    I don't do minidumps, but for Error ID #1003, Source System Error, Description: Error code 10000050:

    Most of the problems leading to this event indicate faulty hardware, bugs in device drivers or incompatible hardware.

    Try performing a clean boot to see if the problem is caused by a Microsoft application or by a third-party application.
    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" state:;en-us;310353

    How to perform advanced clean-boot troubleshooting in Windows XP:;en-us;316434
  5. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    I am suggesting that memtest could be used to test each memory stick in every slot, one after the other. Any fault is then down to a faulty chip OR faulty slot. In the event of a faulty slot, you will replace the whole motherboard of course. I assume you are not mixing memory - they are all identical chips? Even different manufacturers chips at apparently the same spec can cause this type of trouble.
  6. AudioVayne

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    Couldn't the CPU also pose similar errors? In the past I've had a laptop with a f*cked CPU bringing up errors galore with everything...Tis probable the CPU is faulty, can you test another one? If the problems persist then just replace the board (assuming you're satisfied the RAM is fine)
  7. No1stunna

    No1stunna TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'll try testing mem in different slots 1 at a time, yes they are a matched pair. I haven't tried to do a clean boot yet but in safe mode it has crashed . I've attached another minidump which is the second one of this particular error. Somethin else odd happened also, I had it set to do a complete mem dump, but it wasnt saving any dmp files so I tried setting to none and then again to complete dump and the option is no longer there only kernel or or small dump. and it also said that my page file was set to less than 0mb minimum (system specified) so I manually set the values to 4990 min and max. I'll keep you updated, thanks for the prompt attention
  8. No1stunna

    No1stunna TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have talked with corsair about this also and they are going to replace the ram so when I get the new ram that should narrow it down also...assuming that memtest still shows no errors. With a dual core processor dosen't it reserve a portion of the ram for cache or something making it unable to test fully, possibly not detecting errors that may be present?
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