New build - no power?

By siryessir08
May 7, 2011
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  1. With encouragement from a friend who works alot with computers, I decided to build my own computer this past week... as I wanted a desktop, but didn't want to spend much money.

    So I bought:
    ATX ILG-500 PSU
    MSi H61M-E23 Motherboard
    MSi R5450 MD512H Video Card
    i3-2100 LGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPU
    and of course a case, a had drive, and a DVD drive

    So I put this thing together today. Following the motherboard's manual I was pleasently suprised to see that it was very easy to put together.

    Then I tried powering it up and nothing happened. I figured it was a DOA power supply, so I bought another one. Tried powering this one up, and nothing happened. I do, however, hear a high-pitched staticy sounding noise coming from the PSU when it's on, so I imagine that's the sound it makes when in 5V standby mode.

    But yeah, nothings happening. The front panel LED light doesn't even turn on. I've followed the wires to the front of the case, and I've triple checked with the manual to make sure they are oriented correctly in the JFP1 socket. I've triple-checked to make sure the PSU is securely in both the 24-pin and the 4-pin sockets on the motherboard, along with being hooked up to the DVD and hard drives.

    So...I don't know. Is it most likely the motherboard then? In my novice stupidity did I somehow accidently introduce it to static electricity and kill it? Does static electricity really do that so easily? I dunno... Boo...
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    This sounds suspiciously like a dead motherboard. But the noise from the PSU it not something I have heard before.

    Strip the PC back to the bare minimum of components so all you have connected is the mobo, PSU, monitor (use the onboard graphics if it has any) and the on/off reset switch. Remove the RAM, hard drive, CD drive/s, keyboard speakers etc. This should give you the POST screen when you switch it on. If it does not do that then the mobo or CPU is faulty. I would then return both of them for replacement.

    It is possible that you have accidentally caused some damage from static, you should always earth yourself when touching anything inside a PC and the wearing or a wrist strap attached to an earth point is highly recommended, they are not expensive.

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