New build suggestions


I am currently using a HP 144hz 1080p gaming monitor and it isn't within my budget to upgrade to 1440p.

What sort of components should I be looking to include in my new build pc without wasting money or putting anything in too powerful. Would be no use to wait for the new GPU release other than price drop in current GPU?



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TechSpot Elite would be no use to wait since 1080p gaming can be had on all the current crop of gaming cards. You didn't set a budget for your new rig or what country you are in. Do you have an existing machine we can build into? Perhaps re-use some components to save more money? You might only need motherboard/CPU/RAM/GPU for a good sized upgrade.
Would prices not drop for current cards after the new release?
I am looking between £1,000-£1,300 and I am in the UK.
I have no pc this will be my first one.


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OK I am in Canada so you can price up this stuff where you are (It takes $1.5CAN to = £1Euro):

Mid Tower case (You can choose any type) I like the Fractal Focus G White/Black or Blue $120CAN (Comes with 2 might want to add a extra 120MM Fan for the rear)

Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard $100CAN

Kingston 8gb 2666MHz kit HX426C16FB3K2/8 $60CAN

...if you want 16GB of memory get:

G Skill 16GB 2666MHz F4-2666C19D-32GIS $120

Western Digital SN750 Black 1TB NVMe M.w SSD $200CAN

Seasonic S12III 500 SSR-500GB3 500W 80+ Bronze Power Supply $83CAN

(If you can't get Seasonic get a Corsair CX series of similar wattage, you don't need more wattage so don't overspend)

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $275 (Get this if you think you might 2K game down the road)
AMD Ryzen 3300X $190 (Get this if can find it....prob not tho')
AMD Ryzen 3100 $140 (Incredible CPU for way too cheap..get this for sure)

EVGA RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra $490CAN
EVGA GTX 1660 Super SC $330 (Get this if you need to trim some where)

You need a digital Win10 licence (cost is up and down like a toilet seat but you can try Amazon). You can also use a Win7/8 licence ..just type it into the product key field when you are installing Win10 (still works).

Logitech G603 gaming mouse $100CAN (new Hero sensor is great)

Cheapo Microsoft 600 wired keyboard $20CAN

Sound? Speakers? Headphones? Do you need wireless? Do you want a UPS to protect it all? Do you need a optical drive for DvD/CD?

This should all be in budget depending on distribution there.

Let me know! =)