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Apr 5, 2012
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  1. Hi all,
    I like to ask an advice on new build. Here the story.
    Back in 2005, I build nice desktop for general home use and work. Bundle package and some additional parts I ordered from TigerDirect. I did plan to do some movie editing but never get to it. For years the most maintains I did is re-instal windows when machine slowdown with some crap and add some RAM memory (2 GB) total now and also swap few HD. It works flawlessly all the time. Lately seems processor start overheating when watching full screen video, or even open few application at once. I have monitoring software and I see temp climbing to 77 degree. I didn't check the inside machine yet, may be too much dust or may be something else. I just think now I am ready for rebuild and modern parts. But I want to keep the computer case if possible. I think it's big enough, I specifically order large case at that time thinking about future MB upgrades.
    May be you guys can give me a hint what parts I need to get to have better then average PC now days, I still want to get to amateur video editing and some light gaming for my kids. I build few of desktops years ago, but now just got too outdated, busy with other stuff, so no time to follow technology like I use to.
    Here what I have inside now:
    Attached pictures, plus the main details, not sure if it is relevant at all,lol
    Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE Intel Socket 775 ATX Motherboard / PCI Expess /
    Intel / Socket LGA775 / Ball Bearing / Copper Core / CPU Cooling Fan
    2GB RAM PC4200 DDR2 533MHz Memory
    Intel Pentium 4 519 3.06GHz / 1MB Cache / 533 FSB / Socket 775 / Processor
    Xmdia GeForce 6600 / 512MB DDR2 / PCI Express / DVI / VGA / HDTV / Video Card
    Ultra / X-Finity / 500-Watt / ATX / 120mm Fan / SATA-Ready / SLI-Ready / Titanium / Power Supply
    Again I like to keep the case if possible, very comfy to put my legs on while working ha ha, j/k Do you think I can fit modern MB there? What it would be?
    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Buckshot420

    Buckshot420 TS Enthusiast Posts: 301

    What is your budget? You have a ATX mid-tower case so any ATX/mATX board will fit so you can definitely use the case.
  3. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    As Buckshot said budget is a big part of it.
    You should have no problem re-using your case, ODD, and HDD but just about everything else will need to be replaced.

    If I were building a system for myself It would probably look like this:
    CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 Sandy Bridge = $209 (if you want to be able to overclock the unlocked 2500k is $10 more) ($15 promo code until 4/11 = $194 after promo)
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 LGA 1155 = $150 (10% off promo code until 4/11, $20 rebate $125 after promo & rebate)
    Ram: Crucial Ballistix sport 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 = $47
    Video: SAPPHIRE 11199-00-20G Radeon HD 7870 = $350 (may be overkill if you don't plan on high end gaming or serious video editing)
    Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling Silencer 910W = $150 (may be overkill but gives you plenty of room for future upgrades and a 850-900w unit doesn't cost much more than a good 750w unit these days, this PSU is also very well built by an excellent manufacture) ($119 after rebate)

    Total: $907 ($836 after rebates and promo codes)

    You also may want to consider adding an SSD for a boot drive you can get a good 64gb SSD (big enough for windows and some commonly used programs) for around $100. The performance increase, especially boot times, is very noticeable. I have one of these in my main system.
  4. nofear6235

    nofear6235 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Thanks for quick reply dmill & buckshot!
    Glad to keep the case and very nice and detailed heads up about the possible future build, thanks for taking your time dmill89. I am leaving tomorrow morning and be back home Monday.
    During my trip I have bunch of info to digest:). As for the budget I honestly though few hundred dollars less, something in $400-500 range. But I am reasanoble and understand that if this is the cost to build a nice system, not much I can do, except picking the necessary stuff I need and purchase the parts. So yeah, will definetly get back to this thread next week, I am sure I will have more questions.
    Thanks again for the info. Have a nice Holidays.
    p.s. BTW, what is ODD and SSD, may be it's just late and my brain is not working, but I can't figure these abriviation as of now, lol
  5. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    ODD- Optical Disc Drive (CD/DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, etc.)
    SSD- Solid state drive. These are one of the newer technologies, they are much faster and more reliable than traditional mechanical Hard drives but cost much more per gigabyte so they are best used in tandem as a boot drive for The OS and commonly used programs and then less commonly used programs, and large files, i.e. video, are stored on the HDD.

    You could easily get to the ~$500 mark if you drop the high-end video card. With only the integrated graphics that config would come to $486, even the integrated graphics in the sandy bridge processors will easily beat that old Geforce 6600 you have, although these integrated graphics are not great for gaming or video editing. A decent mid-range card will run around $100. This: ( SAPPHIRE 11202-00-20G Radeon HD 7750 =$110) is a good option for light to mid-range gaming and video editing. The config I listed with this card instead of the HD 7870 comes to $596 a little over budget but not nearly as much. Since a video card is easily upgradeable don't focus too much on it, it is far more important to put your money into a good CPU and Motherboard.
  6. nofear6235

    nofear6235 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    dmill, thanks for the info provided. Much appreciated. Now just need to find the time and get it done.
  7. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    Your Welcome

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