New CPU won't boot

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Dec 12, 2008
  1. Ive just bought a phenom X3 8750 black edition to replace my athlon X2 5200+ and after I install it on my motherboard my computer doesnt boot up. All the fans start spinning and LEDs light up but my monitor remains on standby and therefore cant even reach the BIOS. At first I thought it could possibly be a weak PSU (500W) and so I removed my ati 4850 gfx card but the same would happen again so the problem may something to do with the BIOS. All my other components do work properly as I now have my 5200 back in. Please help me get this CPU working because i cant wait to play gta 4 proplerly!

    My other specs:
    2GB RAM
    Abit AN-M2 motherboard (AM2 socket)
    Vista 32bit
  2. BadassCyborg

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    Been reading some other forums on this problem and found that my BIOS needed to be updated. So, I updated, put in the phenom..........SUCCESS!!! Simple as that, got it all working now!

    Thanks for your help guys LOL this must be the most pointless thread on these forums:haha:
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    hey! update your bios!......just didnt want ya to feel ignored:D
  4. Tedster

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  5. hrlow2

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    No such thing as a pointless thread when you really thought you had a problem.
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