New footage emerges of arguably the most infamous moment in competitive gaming history

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Evo Moment 37 is arguably the most iconic moment in competitive video gaming history. For those unfamiliar, the memorable event occurred at the Evolution Championship Series 2004 in a semifinal game of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong.

Wong had Umehara down to just one pixel of vitality and victory seemed imminent. Unexpectedly, as Wong went in for the kill with Chun-Li's multi-hit Super Art II move, Umehara parried all 15 hits and countered another attack before launching a 12-hit combo that would win him the match.

The crowd’s reaction to the parry and return attack was just as special as the on-screen moves.

Now nearly 15 years later, we’re being treated to an alternate look at the iconic moment.

EVO’s Mark Julio recently found an old stack of tapes and discs filmed during fighting events in the early 2000s. Among them was this clip, an alternative view of the iconic moment that has only been seen from one vantage point to date.

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Brings back memories of old conventions back in the day that we’d go to... nostalgic. Great video.
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The parrying in this match was the iconic moment. Unmatched performance.

Seen it before, but worth watching again.